Desired landscapes


A geopolitical line called the border delimits two territories with different histories, constructions and situations. Some of the differences generate one-way cross-border journeys. The desire to migrate exemplifies the journey of no return, the one-way journey. This exhibition is about that desire, the hope of finding or building a more favorable scenario on the other side, driven by an imaginary so powerful to trigger a transfer full of difficulties. Across the border awaits a socially constructed image nuanced by each person. An image fed and distorted by the media in the non-trodden territories. "Desired Landscapes" explores this idea, the non-correlation between the representation of distance and the experience of proximity, using Walter Benjamin's analysis of the relationship between artwork and technology as a guide.

According to Benjamin, the unique work must be distinguished from the serialization that mechanical forms of reproduction entail. The longing with which our gaze has built and sacralized the unique work of art is reflected here as a landscape that is not passable, inaccessible, buildable only through the imagination, uniting the small fragments that can be seen of a complete landscape. Only the reproducible elements derived from these works can be visited, traveled without barriers.