City and Science Biennial


The City and Science Biennial is a forum to debate and reflect, from a scientific and technological point of view, on the great challenges that humans and the planet face. It is held in different areas and spaces of Barcelona every two years, and is organized by the City Council with the participation of universities, research centers, and scientific, cultural and educational entities. During the six days that the event lasts, you will be able to attend, in person or virtually, to debates, talks, round tables, exhibitions, concerts, film sessions and shows. The City and Science Biennial culminates with the 14th edition of the Science Festival, which offers many more proposals to experiment, observe, investigate and experience science in the company of the leading scientists.

The 2021 edition of the City and Science Biennial

Much of the activities of this year's edition of the Biennial revolve around the limits of the planet, society and science, and pose the consequences that transcending them may have. In the debate there will be disciplines such as bioengineering or regenerative medicine, which bring us closer to those limits. On the occasion that this year Barcelona is the World Capital of Sustainable Food, the current food system will be called into question, from all its dimensions (biological, social, environmental or economic). The limits also have implications in areas such as ethics, philosophy, social sciences and politics, transversal aspects very present in the activities of this edition of 2021. In addition, in this edition of the Biennial, knowledge in the limits will be explored where science, the arts and technology interact.

The Science Festival

The open-air cinema forum sessions, music, poetry, theater, exhibitions, tastings and many other formats present at this Biennial, are further expanded with the celebration of the Science Festival. Workshops, experiments, demonstrations, micro talks, itineraries, visits, games and shows await you on the Barcelona seafront. And if this seems not enough, we will have the activities of the + Biennial, organized by other entities and facilities in the city.

Please note that all activities require registration and that many of the face-to-face activities will be held outdoors.