Cinema Lliure a la Platja


"Cinema Lliure a la Platja" is a free cycle of independent film projected on the beach of San Sebastian, although this year, for health reasons, it is held on the esplanade next to the CEM La Mar Bella. But Cinema Lliure is more than cinema on the beach: we can say that it has become a ritual and a meeting point. It is the perfect place to enjoy movies as you want and with whoever you want. The Cinema Lliure wants to give visibility to all movies that deserve to be seen. But as the offer is overwhelming, they have set a filter: independent films that have gone through any festival of Catalunya. It is a Showcase Film Festival!

In these open-air cinema sessions and by the sea, you should keep in mind the following: you can take prepared food and drink, you can smoke and no seats are offered, so you can use the sand as best you can or take your seat, lounger or inflatable sofa from your house.

Cinema Lliure a la Platja program 2021

  • July 1: "Las Niñas", by Pilar Palomero. Language: Spanish without subtitles.
  • July 8: "La mort de Guillem", by Carlos Marqués-Marcet. Language: Catalan with Spanish subtitles.
  • July 15: "Corpus Christi", by Jan Komasa. Language: Polish with Spanish subtitles.
  • July 22: "Mina and the World of Dreams", by Kim Hagen Jensen. Language: English with Spanish subtitles.
  • July 29: "Ema", by Pablo Larraín. Language: Spanish with Spanish subtitles.
  • August 5: The public choose.