What to do at Christmas in Barcelona

December is here and January is looming on the horizon. It is time to celebrate Christmas, the New Year's Eve and the day of the Three Kings. They are the great Christmas events that permeate or inspire other events. Those you will find here, as well as others who do not wear Christmas but which invite, by their nature, to participate or assist them at this time of the year.

Friday's Blues
Concerts, Exhibitions
25/06/2021 to 17/12/2021 - 19/12/2021

The MEAM museum is located in the Palau Gomis which opens its doors in the labyrinth of the streets of the Barrio del Born in Barcelona.

Guided night tour at the Fabra Observatory
Children, Experiences
31/10/2021 to 19/12/2021 - 07/01/2022 to 29/05/2022

Carl Sagan, in the TV series "Cosmos", told us that our star, the Sun, is second or third generation and that all the material we step on, the iron that travels through our blood, the calcium that forms the teeth and the carbon in our genes they were created a bi

Lighting the Christmas lights of Barcelona
Children, Shows, Theater/Dance
24/11/2021 to 06/01/2022
Free event

It would be nice if the Christmas lights were lit with a switch from the ones before, those with a wooden handle and two or three metal sheets, the so-called switch levers.

Fira de Santa Llúcia - Christmas Market
Local markets - Flea markets
26/11/2021 to 23/12/2021
Free event

The Fira de Santa Llúcia is the oldest and classic Christmas market in Barcelona (1786-2019, this year is its 235th anniversary).

Christmas Market of the Sagrada Familia
Children, Local markets - Flea markets
27/11/2021 to 23/12/2021
Free event

The Christmas Market at the Sagrada Familia is held opposite to the Sagrada Familia church since the 60s.

El pesebre tradicional de Barcelona
27/11/2021 to 24/12/2021 - 26/12/2021 to 31/12/2021 - 02/01/2022 to 02/02/2022
Free event

The Barcelona Nativity Scene Association rebuilds the city's traditional nativity scene in the courtyard of the Frederic Marès Museum. This year the theme will be the union between Roman and current Barcelona.

Barcelona: Merry Markets Private Christmas Tour
01/12/2021 to 06/01/2022

A private tour in the old town of Barcelona, ​​to discover the city during Christmas.

The Lights of Sant Pau
Children, Experiences, Shows
01/12/2021 to 23/01/2022 - 25/12/2021 to 30/12/2021 - 01/01/2022 to 05/01/2022 - 07/01/2022 to 09/01/2022

The Sant Pau Modernist Site, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has been transformed into a fairy tale landscape for this Christmas. A 1.5 km long circular route awaits you and millions of points of light that illuminate the darkest season of the year.

Christmas in the Poble Espanyol
Children, Concerts, Shows, Theater/Dance
04/12/2021 to 08/12/2021 - 11/12/2021 to 12/12/2021 - 18/12/2021 to 30/12/2021 - 05/01/2022

The Poble Espanyol, like every year, dresses up for Christmas and becomes a place to live it in the most traditional way.

Inauguration of the tower of the Virgin Mary of the Sagrada Familia
Children, Concerts, Conference/Debates, Local fiestas, Special
08/12/2021 - 11/12/2021 to 15/12/2021 - 17/12/2021 to 18/12/2021 - 21/12/2021
Free event

The central towers of the Sagrada Familia will be six: four dedicated to the evangelists (Saint Matthew, Saint Luke, Saint Mark and Saint John), one dedicated to the Virgin Mary and another to Jesus.

Christmas at Port Vell
Children, Concerts, Experiences, Gastronomy, Local markets - Flea markets, Opera, Shows
09/12/2021 to 06/01/2022
Free event

Port Vell celebrates Christmas for the third consecutive year, again at the Moll de Bosch i Alsina, better known as Moll de la Fusta, which will be transformed into an avenue of light.

The Messiah of Handel in the Palau de la Música Catalana

One of the best operas in history, El Mesías de Händel, which you can enjoy in an exclusive place like the Palau de la Música Catalana, thanks to the Excelentia Foundat

Great New Year's Eve Concert Barcelona
19/12/2021 - 25/12/2021 - 31/12/2021 - 02/01/2022 to 03/01/2022 - 06/01/2022

If you love classical music and want to be part of a unique experience, you can not miss this opportunity.

Christmas Screenings
Children, Cinema
22/12/2021 to 24/12/2021 - 02/01/2020 to 04/01/2020 - 30/12/2021 - 02/01/2022 - 04/01/2022 to 05/01/2022
Free event

The CCCB offers us a 26-minute animated film for the little ones and the whole family free of charge in its hall.

Händel's Messiah concert in Barcelona
Concerts, Opera

The oratorio The Messiah by Georg Friedrich Händel will be represented in Barcelona in the Basilica Santa Maria del Mar.

St. Stephen's Concert in Barcelona

Traditional Sant Esteve concert at the Palau de la Música Catalana.

Ice Rink in Barcelona
Children, Special
02/01/2021 to 24/01/2021 - 26/12/2021 to 31/12/2021 - 02/01/2022 to 09/01/2022

Although Barcelona is not a city that is associated with ice and winter sports but it has its ice rinks. Do not forget, for, example, that ice hockey is one of the sports in which FC Barcelona has a team.

The Factory of the Three Magic Kings
28/12/2021 to 04/01/2022
Free event

The Factory of the Three Magic Kings is a show that recreates the making of toys that the tireless workers and goblins of the Three Magic Kings carry out between the end of December and the beginning of January.