Bill Brandt - Paul Strand


The MAPFRE Foundation in Barcelona is on the move: it leaves what had been its headquarters for four years (Casa Garriga Nogués) and opens a new cultural exhibition center dedicated exclusively to photography. This new showroom is located in the Vela building in the Mapfre Tower and has been named KBr Fundación MAPFRE - Barcelona Photo Center. If curiosity has sent you an alert, KBr is the chemical symbol for potassium bromide, a salt used in developing analog photography.

KBr Fundación MAPFRE begins its journey by organizing a double exhibition with two of the masters of 20th century photography: Bill Brandt and Paul Strand.

Bill Brandt

Bill Brandt (Hamburg, 1904 - London, 1983), is considered along with Walker Evans or Cartier-Bresson as one of the founders of modern photography. In this exhibition, you will be able to see a complete overview of his work through 186 photographs taken by the artist. In them all the photographic genres he approached are represented: portraiture, landscape, social report and nudes.

Paul strand

Paul Strand (New York, 1890-Orgeval, France, 1976) had an indispensable contribution in the consolidation of photography as a discipline comparable to other artistic expressions. The exhibition presents 110 photographs of the 131 that make up this author's collection of the Fundación MAPFRE Collections.

NOTE: with the same ticket you can see both exhibitions