Ara Malikian in Barcelona


Ara Malikian continues to triumph on the stages of the world with his violin. Throughout his career he has accompanied the best symphony orchestras, has delighted us with solo performances and has collaborated with several rock bands.

The artist of Lebanese origin has done a great job in the world of classical music, because thanks to its expressiveness and fusion of styles, has brought this genre to the general public. Several of his works have been chosen for soundtracks of films such as "Talk to her", "Manolito Gafotas" or "Bad Education".

Ara Malikian - Royal Garage World Tour

Royal Garage World Tour is a tour dedicated to the garages of the countries that have marked Malikian's life. His relationship with the garages began in 1976, after the war in Lebanon broke out. Around the world the most modern bands rehearsed in garages, extracted their sounds and created styles that changed the history of music. Ara wanted to be part of that. Then he entered other garages: Germans, English, French, Spanish ... On that journey, Malikian discovered the best and most characteristic sounds, the essence of music. And that is what he wanted to capture in this tour.

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