Antoine, the musical


After passing through the stages of Madrid, Valencia and Granada, "Antoine, the musical" arrives in Barcelona as part of his national tour. "Antoine" tells the story of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, creator of "The Little Prince", a universally known work and the second most translated book in history after The Bible.

This musical represents the union that existed between its author and his main character, and reflects an entire life guided by adventure. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was ahead of his time and carried his passion to know the world where no one had imagined before. In this work the viewer is invited to reflect on the most relevant aspects of life, even to understand what is invisible.

Ignasi Vidal is its author and director, and the original idea and executive production are by Dario Regattieri, CEO of beon. Worldwide. Among the actors are Javier Navares, who plays the role of Antoine and will be accompanied by Shuarma, singer of the Elefantes group, in the role of "The Little Prince" (alternating in that role with Jan Forrellat). We can also enjoy the performances of Beatriz Ros, who plays Consuelo, Alberto Vázquez, Marta Emes, Paula Moncada, Ana Dachs, Víctor Massán and Vicenç Miralles. The mythical band Elefantes has been in charge of composing the music.