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The weather in Barcelona - Climate
Barcelona has a typical Mediterranean climate. The Mediterranean climate is situated between the Latitude Range: 30° - 45° N and in the east of the continents. The winter is relativly humid but mild and the summer is dry. The rainy seasons are the once in between, autumn and spring. The distinguishing marks of this climate are the 3 to 5 months of the dry summer, which is caused by the sinking air of the subtropical highs. There are very few days of extreme temperature, heat or cold, and that`s why the average of the minimum and the maximum in Barcelona is temperate, typical for the Mediterranean mild climate.
The weather in Barcelona, temperature
Current temperature
in Barcelona
In the following graphic the average values of the monthly temperature in Barcelona are shown. The datas are calculated from the registered temperatures between 2009 and 2011, which are published by the Observatorio Barcelona,. Longitud 02º 12' 04'' E. Greenwich / Latitud 41º 23' 12'' N / Altitud 25 m.
Temperature in Celsius ºC Temperature in Fahrenheit ºF
  Average   Average
  Average Maximum Minimum   Average Maximum Minimum
January 7,4 10,2 4,5 January  45 51  40
February 8,9 12,4 5,4 February  48 54 42
March 10,6 14,1 7,0 March  51 57 45
April 14,6 18,2 10,5 April  58 65 51
May 17,5 21,8 13,2 May  64 72 56
June 20,9 25,3 16,9 June  70 78 62
July 23,8 28,5 19,1 July  75 83 66
August 24,9 29,7 20,1 August  76 85 68
September 21,8 27,6 14,8 September 72 82 59
October 17,7 21,5 13,9 October 64 71 57
November 12,9 15,9 9,8 November  55 61 50
December 11,2 12,3 6,2 December  52 54 43

Temperature graphic in degrees Cº
Rainfall: Precipitations
The annual average of rainfall in Barcelona are 90 days. But it must be mentioned, that entire days of rain and days with completely covered skies are very rare and are less frequent than in the continental climate. And it must also be said that it's rarely raining day after day.The summer thunderstorms can be very rough but short and after a a thunderstorm, within a few minutes the sun is shining again and the sky is blue without a cloud. Snow is very rarely seen in Barcelona and is something exceptional and when this happens the surprise of the "Barceloneses" is that big that they enjoy the moment a lot. But if it lasts a bit longer (which is very unusual) the joy is vanishing immediately and they want to go back" to normality" and that means a clear sky and sun!!


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