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Quantum mechanics and CCCB, a must; roses and books, D'A, Mixtur, F1, first-person art and Reggaeton


"Quantum" is an international project that has its origins in Collide International, the most important Arts at CERN program that is carried out in collaboration with FACT Liverpool. In the last three years a group of artists were invited to reside in the CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research, located in Geneva) to develop their artistic practice. The objective was to establish a dialogue with engineers and particle physicists. "Quantum" brings together the ten works produced thanks to this exchange * (artistic itinerary), and presents nine windows that introduce the work of research in the laboratory (scientific itinerary), developed from the theories of quantum mechanics.

Musical spring, cinema + literature + history, paintings on the floor, market in the Amat Tower and processions

Primavera Sound Barcelona

The New Normal, the slogan or the idea on which the 2019 edition of Primavera Sound floats, flows, rises, falls and rotates. From May 30 to June 1, 2019, the Parc del Fòrum de Barcelona will be the protagonist of an exceptional edition. A turning point. The edition in which everything changes. The parity between men and women, the stylistic eclecticism and the drive, almost an obsession, for the risk to connect with the new times and the new public. And it is not new, it was intuited in the latest editions of Primavera Sound, but this year is final. The new normal. There are 226 names of which more than 50% are women, diversity of musical genres (from extreme metal to reggaeton through pop, hip hop, jazz, electronic experimentation, trap and canonical indie rock), and the more than obvious commitment to renewal.

Immerse yourself in Van Gogh, guided tours to the theaters, motorcycles and independent vinyl

Meet Vincent Van Gogh Experience en Barcelona

The Meet Vincent Van Gogh Experience is the first official exhibition created by the Van Gogh Museum experts about the work and life of the great Dutch painter. This temporary experience, designed for the whole family, will allow you to know the true story of Van Gogh thanks to the best audiovisual techniques: multisensory scenes, sets that recreate the works of the painter and intriguing narrations. You can also see the details of your paintings through a special microscope and touch the reproductions of the original works of art, to feel the stroke of the brushstrokes.

The Salón del Comic and Lapsus reinvent themselves, 4 top 10, surrounded by sharks and a collaboration with the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum

Max Beckmann

Exhibition organized in collaboration with the National Museum Thyssen-Bornemisza on the work of Max Beckmann (Leipzig, 1884 - New York, 1950), the artist whose paintings were classified as degenerated by the Nazis in 1937. The exhibition is divided into two sections. The first shows us the stage in which he began to be recognized in Germany and the second section, which focuses on the years he spent in Amsterdam and the United States, is structured around four metaphors related to exile as an existential condition of man modern.

In the Boquería with a Chef, craft beers, short film festival, local party in the Gothic and cannibal Wednesdays

Market to Fork: Market Tour and Private Cooking Class

To the experience of visiting the Boquería Market you can add the experiences of visiting it accompanied by a chef, receive a private and personalized cooking class, and then savor what you have cooked. If we add that the class and the meal are held in the chef's home and that his home has a terrace and views over Barcelona, ​​can you ask for more?

Several activities for the body and mind, Ben-Hur in comic key, learning, and couple of things from the past (remote and recent)

Spa with massage + gastronomic experience at the Fairmont Rey Juan Carlos I Hotel

The Spazio Nyxpert The Royal Fitness & Spa at the Fairmont Rey Juan Carlos I hotel (5 stars) is designed for total relaxation. And they have succeeded in adding the gastronomic experience to the spa experience. The program is quite complete. In total there are more than 4 hours of an excellent wellness and gastronomic experience that will allow you to listen to your body and give it a break. The experience begins with a delicate and relaxing Hindu massage wrapped in aromatherapy and tempered oils ...

Literature, literature, literature, cars manufactured since 1929 and pianos without red carpets or pallets

Kosmopolis Literature Festival

Kosmopolis literature festival, which in its tenth edition maintains the five days, will convert all the CCCB spaces into meeting places for readers with writers of books, scriptwriters, playwrights, musicians and journalists from around the world. With the motto "The stories that move the world", Kosmopolis will revolve around the stories of the 21st century that try to make sense of the world we have created. In the media in general and the digital media in particular, everything is or can be susceptible of becoming a story, that is, in stories, narrations, fictions or short stories. To discuss these stories, will participate Han Kang, Enrique Vila-Matas, Julian Barnes, Mona Eltahawy, Susan Orlean, Gonçalo Tavares, Philip Ball, Laura Bates and Éric Sadin among many others.

Carnival parades, independent films made in USA, with views of Barcelona and the world of comics, also independent

Carnival in Barcelona 2019 | Arribo and Parades

During a week Barcelona will be filled with parades, mask dances, popular snacks and sardine burials. Thursday Gras, the Carnival King makes his triumphal entry into Barcelona at dusk with the so-called Arribo, the central activity of the carnival that consists of a great party with His Majesty Carnival (this year the reign is shared between two kings, Belluga and Tòtil Tocatdelala ) and all his entourage. The party will begin on Thursday, February 28 (Thursday Gras) at 6:00 pm on La Rambla, in front of the Arts Santa Mónica. The entourage of the Carnival King will arrive and will go up La Rambla to the Palau de la Virreina. Afterwards, the battle will begin, called de la Taronjada, with confetti, balloons and orange fireworks, and the party will continue.

Literary experiences for the whole family, the best of the independent musical scene and classical in all the districts

Flic Festival

FLIC is a festival related to literary experience and creation. Its main objective is to promote the relationship between literature and the different arts. They use innovative and experimental formats that encourage interdisciplinary creation, while generating interest in the literary. Following this line, the FLIC encourages literary action in unusual spaces and brings it closer to audiences at risk of social exclusion. Another feature of the festival is its proximity to powerful international initiatives, which is why it has been recognized with the European quality seal of EFFE LABEL 2017-2018 of the EFA.

The winter festivities of Barcelona, illuminated, the spirit of Brossa and an icon of the 80s

Fiestas de Santa Eulàlia

The Santa Eulàlia festivities are organized in honor of Santa Eulàlia, co-patron of Barcelona. The days 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 of February there are parades through the streets and squares of Ciutat Vella with giants and big heads, eagles, lions, dance groups, devils, dragons and other characters related to the festive tradition of Barcelona. And of course with castellers in the Plaza de Sant Jaume. The program of popular culture is wide. There is also an exhibition of giants, open days and activities in the City Hall, museums and cultural centers, and the Lali Jove, a specific program for young people and children.


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