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Jordi Teixidó's art projects
Jordi Teixidó born in Barcelona 1961 is an artist whose work is focused on the audiovisual performance and plays. He writes scripts for children programs for the Catalan TV. He is cameraman, publisher and producer of his own videos and videos for cultural and arts projects. He worked like an actor and cooperated in the direction of dance shows. He was co-director during several years of the program “Escenes” (Scenes) in BTV (Barcelona television), a program about the world of shows. He edited texts for shows and worked in poetry readings, as well as in a wide range of performances and shows reading his own texts.
Reflexus is an audiovisual show where technology, words, gestures and movements are working together. The amusing and magical expression of the show makes that the audience get closer to the language of the new technologies. A new form of a poetic experience. The show shows only real time images.
Videomantras, animated mantras, poetry, humor, stop motion, animation...
...for people between 3 and 120 years. To cheer up or for a laugh or for both. Theater, minimalist theater. Double realities, compositions, reflections of life creating life, that means: Jordi Teixidó.
Animated alphabet
Dibuixar és.... (Dibujar es...)
Trufa trampa
Extra bosc (Extra bosque)
Blava la Mar (Azul la Mar)
Pa de Vic (Pan de Vic)
Autorretrato en pa (Autorretrato en pan)
Tot travessant el bosc (Atravesando el bosque)
Last and future performances
23, 24 and 25 of september 2010: The show Reflexus in the Ciutadella Park during the festival of the Mercè of Barcelona.
If you want to contact about the show Reflexus o just contact Jordi Teixidó, email


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