How to get to Barcelona from Girona airport (GRO)

The airport Girona Costa Brava (GRO) is situated north of Barcelona at 90 km from the Plaça Catalunya, the centre of Barcelona. From Girona Costa Brava airport you can get to the city of Barcelona by bus, by taxi, by a private transfer service or hire a car.


You can take a bus that will take you to the centre of Barcelonal (Estació del Nord, next to the Arc de Triomf). The buses are coordinated with the flights of Ryanair. Journey time is about 1 hour and 10 minutes. Arrivals and departures in Barcelona: Estació del Nord.

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Time tables

Motorway routes from the Girona airport to the bus station in Barcelona (Estació del Nord, Barcelona)


There are official taxi ranks outside of the terminal of the airport. The price of the taxi service will be shown on the taximeter, not including supplements which may apply. The price is approximately 125 Euros from the aiport to the centre of Barcelona. The price doesn't vary according to the number of persons travelling in the car.

Transfer service

The most simple and convenient option for visitors coming to Barcelona is a private shuttle service. It is not much more expensive than a taxi and they will wait for you with a sign with your name inside the terminal. Indicative prices:

  • From 1 to 4 people: from € 154.81
  • From 5 to 7 people: from € 168.89
  • 8 people: from € 179.86
  • 9 to 12 people: from € 182.02

You can also book transfers for larger groups.

Book a transfer from Girona airport to Barcelona

Hire a car

If your hire a car in the airport you can take the motorways N-II and the AP-7 (autopista) to Barcelona. On the map above you can see the motorway routes to Barcelona.


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Lucia 's picture

Hello, I am traveling on 20 July from Barcelona to Girona airport. My flight starts at 6:35. Could you please advise me buses or trains which take me to the airport beore 5:30 am?

WeBarcelona's picture

Hello Lucia,

The schedule of the buses from 23/03 are not published yet. Consult this page or leave another comment on March.

Best wishes,

Rebecca English's picture
Rebecca English

Good afternoon,

My son and I fly into Girona on Saturday then we will get the bus into Barcelona.

Our flight home is at 06.45am on the Tuesday morning. Would you be able to advise when and where we should get the bus from to come back from central Barcelona to Girona airport please?


WeBarcelona's picture

Hello Rebecca,

You should take the bus at Barcelona Estació del Nord, next to Arc del Triomf, at 3:30 am. You will get the airport at 4:45am. The next bus is at 6:00am so you need to take that one at 3:30 am.

Hope this helps,

Diana's picture

Good day, please could you tell me how to get from El Prat Airport to Hotel Barbara, Marques de Barbera, 22 Ciutat Vella, by public transport? Kind regards.

WeBarcelona's picture

Hello Diana,

On this page you can ask questions related to Girona airport. To ask about Barcelona airport please visit this page

Best regards,


Yvette's picture

Me and my daughter fly into Girona in October at 20:35. I really need some help getting to our hotel which is in Salou.

I am only on holiday for 3 days so I want to try making it as stress free as possible. Could anyone help with either bus, coach or taxi routes and fares?

WeBarcelona's picture

Hi Yvette,

We are sorry but we only answer questions about Girona airport if Barcelona is related in any way.

Best regards,

Loreta's picture

Can I ask you how to get from Diagonal Home (adress Avigunda Diagonal 578 Piso 4, Sarria-St.Gervasi, 08021 Barselona) to Girona airport? We will be 3 person. And our flight at 06:25 morning. by bus or other posibility. Thank you so much

WeBarcelona's picture

Hello Loreta,
The only possibility is the bus or a private transfer. You have to get the bus at Estació del Nord. From your accommodation, you can take the bus N3 in carrer Paris with Casanova (direction Rambla dels Països Catalans - Pl. Espanya) to the Monumental bus stop and you will be 5-10 minutes form the bus station.
Have a nice stay in Barcelona!

irene dyrby's picture
irene dyrby

How to get to plaza catcatalunja and then to following adressCARRER DE CALABRIA, 199 1er - 1ra. LÉIXAMPLE - BARCELONA.
by bus or other posibility. Thank you so much

WeBarcelona's picture

Dear Irene,
The bus will take you to Barcelona Estació del Nord. From there you can take the metro, line L1 (Arc the triomf station, very close to the bus station). This line is direct to Plaça Catalunya. From there to get Calabria, 199 street take the samemetro line to Urgell station. Other option to be closer to Calabria 199 is to take the line L3 in Plaça Catalunya, change in Diagonal station to L5 line and go to Entença station, which is less than 5 minutes from your destination.
Have a nice stay in Barcelona!!

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